The Beast rises again!

It’s been a bit since Alt Beast has been really really active but we were still posting under a “skeleton crew” type basis. This March marks our 5th anniversary since we’ve launched back in 2012. Sadly we’ve missed two year end events that we always did. But currently we are working on several things that… Read More The Beast rises again!

Humble Bundle Weekly Update (Week of 11/17)

Hello and welcome to yet another Humble Bundle Weekly Update. Put down your controllers and mice because this week we have stuff for your phones. Check out the list: EPOCH rymdkapsel SpellTower Swordigo (GAME DEBUT!) Pay more than the average and get: Ridiculous Fishing (GAME DEBUT!) Kingdom Rush You can game-on-the-go on your Android phone… Read More Humble Bundle Weekly Update (Week of 11/17)