Humble Bundle Weekly (Week of 12/01)

Did you miss all of the gaming sales that happened last week? Well don’t fret because the Humble Bundle gang has some huge deals for you. In fact, it’s so big, they’re calling it the Humble Jumbo Bundle; with a diverse batch of awesome games.

Check out the list,

Pay more than the average price and get,

This is seriously one massive package of games. You can get these 6 games and soundtracks, worth over $114.94*, for about $5 or more, and, at the same time, help raise some funds for Watsi and Child’s Play Charity.

But wait! There’s more. To add to the jumbo deal, we also have 9, yes you read that right, 9 games and a game-creation software up for grabs for the Humble Weekly Sale.

Check out the list,

Pay more than $6 and get,

These deals can’t get any better. For just $6, you can get a $175+** package and feel great knowing you donated to Child’s Play and EFF. Who needs Black Friday when you have the Humble Bundles.

*prices based off Steam Store

**price based off Humble Bundle site

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