Humble Bundle Weekly Update (Week of 11/17)

Hello and welcome to yet another Humble Bundle Weekly Update. Put down your controllers and mice because this week we have stuff for your phones.

Check out the list:

Pay more than the average and get:

You can game-on-the-go on your Android phone for about $6 and help raise funds for Child’s Play Charity and Electronic Frontier Foundation. More games set to be released for this bundle next week.

And on the Weekly side of things, Zen Studios put up over 8 of their jam-packed tables for their game Pinball FX2 for sale and enjoyment

Check out the list,

Pay more than $6 and get,

Unleash you inner pinball wizard with these tables for only $6 (originally priced altogether for $58.92*) and feel magical when you help donate to Watsi and American Red Cross.

*prices based off Steam Store

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