Humble Bundle Weekly Update (Thanksgiving Week)

Hope you’re all hungry because the Humble Bundle gang has some goodies for you to fest on. They added 3 more games for you to enjoy on your Android devices.

Check out the list,

You would pay about $35 for all 9 games but you can have them all and selected soundtracks for about $6 with this Humble Bundle (and let’s not forget about donating to Child’s Play and EFF while you play).

Looking at the Humble Weekly Sale, it looks like there’s a collection of 6 mind-blowing games up for sale.

Check out the list,

Pay more than $6 and get,

For just $6 or more you can stay home and play with this $64.94* value. So this Thanksgiving gobble up some of these great games and help out Child’s Play and EFF.


*prices based on Steam Store

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