Q&A with American Verse

Hi my name is Deborah, let’s start off with.. What’s the name of your band? The name of our band is American Verse. How many band members do you have; What are your names, and who plays what instruments? There are 4 members of our band, Brian Murphy plays Bass, Steve Yanchuk plays Drums, Joe… Read More Q&A with American Verse

Interview w/ Batten Down The Hatches

http://www.buzzsprout.com/5648/51447-interview-w-batten-down-the-hatches This interview is longer than most of my other interviews due to extra good ol’ fashion randomness. I must admit BDTH wins most longest random interview, and Big Case Of Big Mouth wins shortest random interview. Both bands are great though, they definitely make interviews much more awesome. Also, if you listen through the whole… Read More Interview w/ Batten Down The Hatches