Humble Bundle Weekly Update (Week of 11/10)

Whao! Where have you been?!? There has been A LOT going down on the world of the Humble Bundle. So let’s get right into it.

First off the major news. The guys at Humble Bundle have just opened the awesome Humble Store this week. What is the Humble Store you ask? Well, take the Steam Store, feature only selected discounted games, and 10% of the money goes to Charity, 75% goes to Creator, and 15% goes to the Humble Tip. There’s a huge list of games in the store and the store is updated daily. So I would suggest checking in daily to see all the new stuff they have.

Remember when we told you about the Humble WB Bundle last week? Well, Warner Brothers added 6 new explosive games and DLC packs, if you pay more than the average price.

Check out the list,

So WB Games added a huge $104.93*+ valued set to their already massive package. There’s only a few day left to pick up these awesome titles and to help donate to We Can Be Heroes.

Lastly, there is a new Humble Weekly Sale and this week it’s with bitComposer Games. They are putting up 6 action-packed games for you to enjoy.

Check out the list,

Pay more than $6 and get,

For just $6, you can have a valued $89.95* set of games, hours of intense gameplay and help raise funds for Child’s Play Charity and American Red Cross.

*prices based off Steam Store

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