The Districts’ Guacamole Covered Jailbreak

While we were at Boston for Boston Calling Music Fest, we managed to get together with the young, semi-vegetarian, somewhat dirty, but fully awesome guys of The Districts. We stood around and talked about the important things like VIP treatment, being crazy anarchists, and messed up toe nails. It’s some “guacamole mixed with Creed” goodness.… Read More The Districts’ Guacamole Covered Jailbreak

The Savant of Music and Video Games (A Look At ‘Savant – Ascent’)

Those of you who know Savant know how his music fits perfectly with video games, since some of it comes from video games. Now you can play a video game based on Savant’s music… as Savant in Savant – Ascent. Pros: Controller Supported Easy pick-up-and-play gameplay Great music and visuals Cons: Issues with the mouse… Read More The Savant of Music and Video Games (A Look At ‘Savant – Ascent’)