Looking at the Number 12

Those local to the close boundaries of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York might remember a small but loud band by the name of The Number 12 Looks Like You; a New Jersey based alt metal group with instrumentals and vocals as intense and energetic as their performances. In 2002, the band came to be and adopted… Read More Looking at the Number 12

Alt Beast Presents: Awkward Moments with Lila Ingite

When we asked to chat with Lila Ignite, we did not expect the beautiful train wreck that came to be. Words cannot describe how cringe-worthy yet hilarious our “interview” went down. Please sit back and watch the awkwardness unveil. http://www.facebook.com/lilaignite/ http://www.lilaignite.bandcamp.com http://www.youtube.com/user/lilaignite http://www.twitter.com/Lila_Ignite http://www.lilaignite.bigcartel.come

The Districts’ Guacamole Covered Jailbreak

While we were at Boston for Boston Calling Music Fest, we managed to get together with the young, semi-vegetarian, somewhat dirty, but fully awesome guys of The Districts. We stood around and talked about the important things like VIP treatment, being crazy anarchists, and messed up toe nails. It’s some “guacamole mixed with Creed” goodness.… Read More The Districts’ Guacamole Covered Jailbreak