Club of Sports… Kinda (Wii Sports Club Review)

Nintendo knows how to make great games. At times, knows how to rehash said great games. But they do add something extra on every rehash. This is what Wii Sport Club for the Wii U is.; something old with something new. A good new though.

Wii Sport Club is the latest installment in the Wii Sports series that we all come to love. But will we love this one? Check out the list for the quick overview:


  • Very easy to pick up and play
  • Plays like the original Wii Sports
  • Play against players online
  • Great online experience
  • It’s free (kinda)


  • Free to download but you have to pay to play the sports
  • “Nintendo Safe” online chatter and interactions
  • Difficulties playing if you don’t have or have bad Internet connection

Overall View:

The game is as enjoyable as it was years back. You can download it right from the Nintendo eShop for free and have some fun playing some old favorites like Tennis and Bowling with a WiiMotion Plus and not the WiiPad. They do have those extra little games in the sports, like 100-pin and Spin Control in Bowling. And with the added and wanted online feature, it really does make this simple game that much better. And the pre-game lobby is very well done. You start and tighten up your skills while the game is attempting to connect you with friends, random people in a certain state, certain country, or just anyone around the world. So there’s no sitting and waiting for people to play; you’re playing and waiting. And if you can’t connect with anyone, it simply just takes you back to the menu and tries to suggest better options to connect and play with others.

But this is where the game kind of goes a little downhill. Once you’re in an online game with others, you can only say whatever predetermined messages or approved Miiverse banter Nintendo allows you to say. So after every turn, you’ll see “Nice,” “Yeeeeaaaaah Baby!” or “Dang!” spammed on the corners of your screen. It’s not too bad, but does get old pretty quick. Speaking of games, the only games that you’re able to play are Tennis and Bowling. And you’re only able to play them if, you enable your free trial, buy a Day Pass for $1.99, or buy a Club Pass for $9.99 per each game. So if you wanted to bowl or play tennis whenever you want, it would cost you about $20 for both games and another $10 for every other future game that you may want (Golf, Baseball, and Boxing said to be coming soon). But the Day Pass is perfect for those times where you have family or guests over for a day and you want an easy way to entertain them. For less than $5, you can host a simple party with this game being the main source of enjoyment. Or you could just break out your old copy of Wii Sports and play that.

Get this game if:

  • You really enjoyed the series and want to play the sports online.
  • You have a younger gamers or an audience to entertain.
  • You really want to add a game to your limited Wii U library.

Simply put, this game is still fun. Even if you don’t want to pay for it, download it and play the free 24 hour trial. You’ll have fun playing online and easily kill some time.

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