Taking In Intake

We were all told at some point in time to never do drugs. This games starts off by doing that, then proceeds to throw pills in your face while a rave is happening in the background. And no, taking the pills will not help with rave situation… For the most part.

Intake, the latest artistic masterpiece from Philly local Cipher Prime, is a simple, yet trippy, retro-style arcade shooter in which you shoot pills as they come falling from the top of your screen. Now take that and add some amazing visuals and very catchy and on-point dub-step music and you have yourself a very addicting game. To be honest, it became an issue for me to write this review about it because I got too wrapped up in playing the game. The simple pick-up-and-play control style and smooth transition to restarting a new game after you overdose, I mean reach game over, makes it very easy to be engulfed in this flashy night club of a game. And yes, it may start off a bit elementary, the game does quickly pick up and get more difficult as you progress like an arcade shooter does.

I didn’t have very many gripes with this game. The things one could say are wrong or annoying with it can also be use in its defense. Take the music for example. Dub-step may not be everyone’s “cup of tea,” but it isn’t mind-numbing, hardcore Skrillex dub-step. The music very much fits with the overall game style and flow. But it can get a bit repetitive if you let it run through your head for a while. The only real issue I had was with my mouse sensitivity. I had perfect controls while in full screen mode, but the second I switched to windowed mood, my mouse movements became very sluggish; even after I set the sensitivity setting to high. A small issue yes but it did affect the way I played and enjoyed the game (I had no issues playing in full screen mood. I simply want to just try out windowed mood.)

Overall, this game is one that should not be miss. And if you did miss it on the Humble Weekly Sale a little while back, Cipher Prime will be releasing it on Steam. Head over to their page dedicated to Intake and sign up for their mailing list for more info on that.

written by Jessy Gonzalez

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