Humble Bundle Weekly Update (Week of 11/03)

This week is a big one for the Humble Bundle. Warner Brothers has joined the fun and put up some of their most top, recognized games. This is a deal that can not be given up.

Check out the list.

Pay more than the average bid and get,

Here WB Games put up 6 must-have titles, which altogether go for $124.94*, at price you name. And, keeping up with the superhero aspect of this, the charity this time around is We Can Be Heroes; a program developed to help raise awareness and funds to combat the severe hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa. Check out their site for more info and help gather some money. And enjoy some games while you’re at it.

Meanwhile, on the Humble Weekly sale side of things, Daedalic Entertainment decided to put together not 6, not 7, but 8 of their most spectacularly adventurous games.

Check out the list:

Pay more than $6 and get,

Now, if you were to get these games individually, you would end up paying $112.09**. But you can have all of these games for just $6 (or more, you’re choice) and at the same time give a little something to Child’s Play Charity and American Red Cross. But don’t wait! You only have one week to get a hold of this deal and have yourself quite the adventure.

*prices based off Steam Store

**prices based off Steam Store and Amazon Store

written by Jessy Gonzalez

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