The Stanley Released

Ever wish your life was narrated? How about by a British narrator? At your boring button pushing job?  Is your name Stanley? Whether you answered yes or no to these questions, then you have to check out The Stanley Parable. Based on the 2011 Source mod, The Stanley Parable lets the player full dictate what happens throughout the game. With a beautiful look and sheen and wonderful and colorful narration from Kevan Brighting, this is a game you have to experience. And the guys of Galactic Cafe are giving you 20% off during the launch week of the game. Don’t want to buy it just yet? Don’t worry. You can download the demo and try it before you buy it. Don’t want to wait for the demo to download? Then here’s a small little playthrough from YouTube Gamer ChilledChaos. Don’t worry, no spoilers.


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