This Week’s Humble Bundles (Week of 10/13)

The Humble Bundle is back with six awesome games for your PC, Mac, Linux, AND Android devices. This bundles offers a diverse section of entertainment; from an award-winning board game to a well known turn-based strategy game to a great 2D Zelda-like adventure game.

Check out the list,

Pay more than the average price (a little over $6) and get,

Altogether these games sale for $71.93 total, but they can be yours for almost $7.00 (or more if you choose) and donate money to Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play Charity. Not to mention the addition games in the package that’ll be coming next week.

And let’s not forget the Weekly Bundle. This week the bundle features five hilarious games from HotHead Games.

Check out the list,

Pay more than $6 and get,

You can get a good laugh and hours of entertainment for just $6, or more if you choose, (all games combined retail for $60.95), and have that warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you’ve donated to the Child’s Play Charity and American Red Cross.

written by Jessy Gonzalez

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