“Neon Reptiles” by They Won’t Like It

Neon Reptiles” EP 2011
   By They Won’t Like It

First off, I’ve seen these guys live at the FrankenSound Studio in North Brunswick, NJ, it was worth sticking around for, I had only took a glance and short listen to the first few tracks on this album before that show, but I was certainly sold after the first song was done playing which was “Taekwondo In Movies” this song definitely has that “Cruising down to the beach during the sunset feel it has that ‘melodic-rolling-ocean waves’ emotion, long explanation, but it has as well as the next song on the EP “Palindrome” a knack to make you visualize, which has a very California surf feel much like Minus The Bear, and The Album Leaf. But don’t confuse them with either of those two bands, they most definitely make it their own sound, incorporating the influences of also the Appleseed Cast as well but having a more punk like punch to their style.

Neon Reptiles is a great mix of mellow guitar done by Joe Gangemi, Brett Bickhardt, and Jim Brennan weaving through punchy timed drums in the songs by Luke Chizek. “Summer Slide” is aptly named with it’s soft rhythm guitar riding through the song, the lyrics are quite inviting and go well with the music, the singer Joe Gangemis voice goes hand-in-hand with the arrangement of the sound, the bass by Aaron Aitken fits like a glove. I can’t really find anything bad to say about this EP other than “Where are the other songs?”.
All and all everything blends together well. Let’s hope for a summer tour this year, or at least more shows, you should definitely give them a listen, and see them live if they’re playing in a city near you. So you’re still here? What’s stopping you from grabbing their EP? GO.


You can find and download

They Won’t Like It EP “Neon Reptiles”
@ http://www.purevolume.com/theywontlikeit/albums/Neon+Reptiles


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