Warped Tour Battle Of The Bands

[NEWS] 03.05.2012




Ernie Ball and Warped Tour is hosting another BOTB (Battle of the bands) which will consist of 100 bands from the city/venue that the Warped Tour will be picking from based on YOUR votes, so if a band is in the Top 100 in your state that means they have a chance to be one of four bands playing the venue that they signed up for. You will be judged on musicianship, originality, ability to draw, songwriting, and vocal ability.

So get your band, your friend’s band, and just some random band you think is great out there by voting for them, and if a band has yet to sign up, you best be signing up before no one notices your band, because if you happen to be on PAGE 25, I hate to break it to you but let’s face it some people are just lazy, and unless you slap them upside the head with new music, it’s fairly unlikely they will look further than the 3rd page if you’re lucky. So have your friend, and your friend’s friends to vote for the band you think is Warped Tour worthy, or just deserves break.

What are you waiting for..?
Bands: Go sign up and start promoting for votes!
Fans: Go sign up and start voting and promoting your favorite local bands!


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