“Consider The Lobster” by A Few Screws Loose

By A Few Screws Loose

With a name like A Few Screws Loose you would think this band is part of the “Post-Hardcore” scene, littered with screams, and growls and breakdowns, though no offense to the bands that do so well at that music, but sometimes you want a coffee break inbetween the Red Bull infused days when the shuffle button is enabled on your Ipod. So A Few Screws Loose latest EP “Consider the Lobster” does just that, I have to admit all three tracks on the EP regardless of where I am at the moment and playing this EP on my Ipod, make me feel like instead of being in a store I’m listening to the band play a private down to earth mini concert in their garage. It’s what larger labeled bands seem to lack these days is what this band makes up for… Soulful melodic tone but still have that edgeyness to bring it home, and they have their own unique sound moreso than what you hear on the radio today.

Now my favorite off the EP is “Repeating” which almost has a somewhat mid 90’s tone Sunny Day Real Estate sound to it, just to say if you happen to be a skater, you might want to hit repeat button on this one while chucking yourself down a 13 stair, the other two are just as good with “The Sound Of Your Voice” the last song on the EP I believe is definitely something I could hear on the radio, I would like for the vocals of the singer Tom Chupela in all three songs to be a little more out in the open and above the music instead of under it so you can hear his voice better, but that does’nt weigh the songs down significantly, the instruments sound great with Rich Seyffart behind drums, and Tom Chupela also playing guitar. Listening to them live is even better than the recordings, you get that vibe from them that they love the music that they play and in my honest opinion that’s what makes a band; being able to play live well, and not have to have autotune duct taped to your person, and if you the band can’t love the music that you play, how can you expect listeners to love it.

Hoping to see them play more shows this year, and to have a full fledge album under their belt, who knows you might see them headlining Warped Tour down the line.

You can find and download
A Few Screws Loose EP “Consider The Lobster”
@ http://afewscrewsloose.bandcamp.com/album/consider-the-lobster

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