Forever In Our Glory

We first met the guys, and gal, of In Our Glory last year when we met up with The Dollyrots; and, in the same place where we first met them, we got to share the moments of their last show. After five years of hitting the stage together, the gang has decided to go their separate ways. But before officially disbanding, they wanted to give one last proper hurrah in one of the places that meant so much to them with people that meant just as much. They held the show over at 10th Street Live in Kenilworth New Jersey and invite fellow local Jersey acts to play with them. Sharing the stage with them was Ascending From AshesAstrokatzNottinghamCheck Your MoralsWyland, and The Vaughns; all artists that have supported IOG over the years and that wanted to show their love one final time. Each band made sure that they took the moment to express their gratitude to their friends. And when it came time for the band of honor to hit the stage, all eyes and ears were on them. The audience sang and danced with the same energy that the band so willingly delivered. And nothing, not even some minor technical difficulties with one’s bass, could stop the group from putting on the best show they have ever done. And at the end of the set, friends jumped onto the stage and began showering them with affection. The members of the band start to shed tears of sorrow due to a chapter of their lives reaching its end; but also tear of joyful fell because of the never-ending love their friends continued to give. This may have been the last time Gina, Alex, Kevin, Brandon, and Jason play together as In Our Glory, but they will never stop the musical pursuit in their hearts. They all plan on continuing to play and perform as they did with In Our Glory and we will continue to support all of them in each of their endeavors.

In Our Glory


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