Looking at the Number 12

Those local to the close boundaries of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York might remember a small but loud band by the name of The Number 12 Looks Like You; a New Jersey based alt metal group with instrumentals and vocals as intense and energetic as their performances.

In 2002, the band came to be and adopted their name from The Twilight Zone episode, “The Number 12 Looks Like You”  and the 6 piece group was set to release their first full  album, Put On Your Rosy Red Glassesjust a year laterThey would later release their albums Nuclear, Sad Nuclear in 2005, Mongrel in 2007, and their final album Worse Than Alone in 2009 before disbanding in 2010 due to internal conflicts.

But, emerging from the shadows, earlier this year frontman Jesse Korman has confirmed that the band is returning to do what they do best. The band now consists of vocalist Jesse Korman himself, previous guitarist Alexis Parejaand, and newcomers DJ Scully on bass and Michael Kadnar on drums. Since the announcement, the band has been playing local show, festivals, and planning tours across the US, playing some old favorites for their most dedicated fans. We got to catch them in Poughkeepsie, NY and they still perform like they once did nearly 10 years ago. The band is slowly working on new material but are mainly focusing on tour and reuniting themselves with some old fans. Check out are photo coverage from their recent New York show and be sure to check out their tour date on their Facebook page or their website.

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