The Search for Game Sales

When it comes to video games, we all turn into poor college students. Getting by on cheap $1 games to hold ourselves off while we save and wait until we can afford that nice juice Grade A game. But you don’t have to starve your for those quality games; you just have to get them on sale. At least you would get them on sale if you knew they went on sale. And let’s face it, we can only hold out for the Steam Sale for so long. Well, here are four sites that can help monitor what games are on sale and when.

/r/GameDeals – It doesn’t get  any simpler than this. Join your fellow gaming peers in the reddit community as they fill this/r/GameDeals subreddit with deals from all over with games on almost every platform out there. Chat will other gamers and get their opinions on whether or not the deal is truly worth it. This site will definitely save you a lot of money but might also leave you with a nice hole in your wallet.

KotakuDeals – Don’t feel like searching through pages and pages of deals? Want the sale easily sent to you? Kotaku
has got you covered. Add them to your RSS feed or simply folKotaku Dealslow @KinjaDeals on twitter and get some of the best deals on some of the hottest games. Not only will you be updated on software, but you’ll also be updated on some awesome hardware deals as well. Need a new mouse or controller? Keep up with Kotaku and you’ll know when you get your gear. – Like yourself a nice bundle of games? lets you know the latest IndieGameBundles.comgaming bundles from some of the best bundling sites. Updated daily, this site will give you the info on the newest gaming packages. And with most bundles being pay what you want, you’ll be checking on the site constantly. – Now, after seeing all of these awesome deals, you may find yourself asking, “Is this deal a good deal?” To IsThereAnyDeals.comthat, here is to answer that question. This site gives you a simple list of what games are on sale and price checks them amongst different gaming sites. And if you’re looking a particular game, the search functionality lets you point a certain and and gives you the deal’s details. This is one of those site you’ll bookmark and keep coming back to.

Now that you know some of the best ways to save, be free and hunt for those deals and get the best bang for your buck. Just remember not to burn too much of a hole in your wallet. You still have to eat, you know.


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