Everyone I Know Lives Life As A Dog (K. Flay Album Preview)

For those who do not know K. Flay, she is a Brooklyn/San Francisco based rapper with an indie twist to her music. Her music has been featured in such places as the Need for Speed: Rivals game and the This Is The End movie soundtrack. Flay’s latest and first full length album Life As A Dog was a result of losing nearly 60 songs after a breakup with her record label of two years. Instead of completely calling it quits, she packed her stuff, got into a new studio,  traveled between New York and San Francisco, and wrote her first full length album. And with plenty help from friends and fans contributing to her overly successful Pledgemusic campaign, Life As A Dog was born.

If you have heard K. Flay’s previously released tracks, you notice a kind of somber feel to the songs lyrical and somewhat with the rhythm and beats. But with this new album, you can expect something different. The tracks have still have that solemn sound but are more epiphanic tone instead of a punchy melancholy tone; which may have been from all of the support she has gotten from friends and artists during the making of the album. And with the very diverse and indie sounding backbeats, Life As A Dog breaks the mold of the traditional rap album. Each track sound different, having their own unique impression, but still containing that K. Flay-vibe she has built and we have grown to love.

All-in-all, this is a solid album and a great first for Ms. Flay. The mold-breaking beats and lyrics will definitely have you hitting repeat on your playlists. All of the hard work poured into the album is shown and the work does not disappoint.

Get Life As A Dog if,

  • You’re a fan of K. Flay/Grieves/Atmosphere.
  • You want a different/more diverse rap experience.
  • You’re a fan of good female rappers that can do it just as well as the guys.
  • You want a good “soundtrack to my life” type album.


See K. Flay on Warped this summer

K. Flay’s website

K. Flay’s Pledgemusic page for LAAD

LAAD on iTunes

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