A New Beast (Revamp/Updates)

The Alt Beast is getting a bit of a revamp over the course of the week, that means a new banner on the website, a custom url (So you don’t have to keep typing in WordPress), a new layout, and most importantly new content! We’re going to be giving you daily content, from Concert reviews, more interviews, EP/Album reviews, Live/Taped Acoustic performances from some of the best up-and-coming Local bands across the Tri-State area and much more to come!

Guess what!? We’re even bringing Delaware into the fold starting with reporting from Firefly Festival in Dover, DE. We’re going to be giving you interviews, photos, and coverage of all 3 days! Starting July 20th-22nd!

Also The Alt Beast’s local “Year Of The Beast” Tour starting today is only a month away, we have several bands playing over the course of 6 day mini tour. On July 13th an off day for the tour before the last show on July 14th, we’re going to be at the Warped Tour in Holmdel, NJ giving awesome coverage of all the local and national big named bands!

June-July is going to be one busy month for The Alt Beast and we’re looking forward to sharing every single bit of it with you!


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