Bungie Reveals “Destiny”

The long awaited game has been announced as Destiny by Game Developer Bungie, after a three year silence from them after they released their last Halo game; Halo Reach. They would soon embark on a new story and universe. Now back to the present where Bungie has released a vidoc expanding on some small but important details. It’s a universe full of monsters/aliens that want to finish off what is said to be man’s last stand in the last remaining human city and you as the player must protect it. Below is a large ship/Moon that orbits over the city (Pictured below) left over by a legendary hero named “The Traveler”.

Destiny Concept Art City Landscape

..Concept art was leaked before Bungie released their vidoc supposedly, though I’m sure it was released on purpose as a marketing campaign, otherwise why would Game Stop offer a poster with some Concept/Game Art a few hours before the vidoc was released. Anyway, alot of people are wondering if Destiny is the true name or just a code name to call it like “Tiger” was. I’d like to think the name is going to stick, other wise Game Stop is out of a lot of money printing up those posters with Destiny on it. Now onto details, we obviously know they want this to at least be a successive trilogy like their successive baby Halo, but only time will tell. Bungie also stated it will basically revolutionize FPS (First Person Shooters), but it also looks it will have a highly customizable feel to it like that of a Action-Roleplaying game. The concept art reminds me of a cross of Star Wars/Halo/Fable feel. Now they haven’t said whether or not this game will be a Open World but I’m sure it will be close to something of that sort instead of having linear gameplay that many shooters suffer from today. So I’m looking forward to this new baby of Bungie’s, especially a E3 debut trailer.

When I have more on Destiny, I’ll be sure to post any news.
More concept art below.

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