Fall Out Boy (Officially back)

Now you may have heard (of which I’m sure you have if you’re an avid Fall Out Boy fan), that they’re back. No it’s not the usual internet rumor taunting FOB fans, but it’s an official statement and post update on their Facebook with a short tour, starting today in Chicago, IL, and Nyc tomorrow and if you we’re lucky enough to grab such tickets I congratulate you, if not well I’m sure they’ll be touring more after the album release “Save Rock and Roll” which is in fact being released May 6th/7th. I can assure you it’s not a hoax this time, otherwise all those happy fans will turn into rabid dogs.

They’ve just released a song from off their upcoming album “Save Rock and Roll” titled “My songs known what you did in the dark(Light em’ up)”

So what are your thoughts on this brand new Fall Out Boy song? Are you looking forward to the album? I have to say it’s up there on our list we’ll be releasing of top albums/eps to listen to this year!


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