Hurricane Sandy and The Ice Storm

So.. As you may have heard (Unless you are living under a rock) Sandy hit the East Coast last week, and this week, a Nor’ Eastner hit us. So quite alot of people are still without power, and we were out of power for over a week, so if you noticed a lack of updates, news, and interviews, blame Sandy. Right now, we are trying to get things sorted, with the site, so you’re going to be seeing a random bunch of news over the weekend here on The Alt Beast, meanwhile take a listen to our new Beast Sounds band Bad Case Of Big MouthElmer and the man that feeds him

Also we have a Beast Of The week — Unbearable Slackers, that’s going to stay up until next Monday, mainly because this is being posted towards the end of the week, So expect photos from shows from the past few weeks, and plenty of music news to keep you occupied, hopefully you have electric by now. If not, we are hoping the best for you, and for the families of NJ, NY, and abroad that have been devastated by last weeks hurricane Sandy. If you would like to donate to the Red Cross helping out these families please visit:


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