New Music Wednesday!

To start the New Music Wedneday off.. We have The Knight Owl’s newly released sophmore album “Turning The Triad”, last Saturday, August 11th they kicked off a album release show in Kenilworth, NJ. This is the first released song off this album, just from listening to this song it’s definitely worth checking out the rest of the album!

Band: The Knight Owls
Genre: Psychedelic/Blues/Rock


Next is American Verse from Worcester, Massachusetts, they just came out with a new EP within the week called “Heaven’s In Your Head”. The 6 song EP has very catchy and melodic lines, two of my favorite songs off this EP is “Rockmandu” and “Isolated & Undeserving”. Trust me you won’t want to miss out on such a great EP. You can listen and buy their new EP on…

Band: American Verse
Genre: Pop-Punk



The final New music checkout is a month old EP release by NJ locals Stelladeora called “A Dosage From Delusional”, the 9 song EP features songs such as “Magnetic Poetry”, “Aerborne” and my favorite “Free Will”. The band just recently started doing shows again, since a hiatus during the spring to finish this EP, the band did a special acoustic show in July at the Brighton Bar, NJ for the “Mini” Year Of The Beast Tour.
You will definitely love this EP, you can listen and buy the EP at

Band: Stelladeora
Genre: Pop-Punk-Rock

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