Warped Tour 2012 Holmdel, NJ Review

Now that Warped Tour is over and you’re already waiting to hear who’s on next year’s lineup, let’s take a look back at the Warped Tour hitting the NJ area, most specifically Holmdel, NJ at the PNC Banks Art Center, which was moved from being hosted at Oceanport’s Monmouth Park Racetrack which held the tour for 2 years(2010,2011). I have to admit I loved the Racetrack venue for Warped Tour, it was open but not drastically spaced out that would make you feel like you’re running on a racetrack. So when I heard Warped Tour was making a switch to the PNC Arts Center I was basically a little worried, but then the day arrived and it was actually better than what I was expecting, parking was better than that of the Oceanport venue, and walking to the gate was as well. So when I arrived into the gates the first stage was OurStage.com and I caught NJ’s Bad Case Of Big Mouth playing their 2nd song, you can find photos here: https://thealtbeast.wordpress.com/2012/07/15/311/

Afterwards I had a bit of time trying to find the media tent aka Green Room, so after going through several security guards I finally got there, and my first band to interview was NY’s Polar Bear Club, Jimmy was awesome with the interview and even gave me a tagline at the end of the interview found here: https://thealtbeast.wordpress.com/2012/07/14/warped-tour-interview-w-polar-bear-club/

From there on it went from one interview to another, with interviews with Jersey/Monmouth locals Echo Movement, UK’s heavy metal band Rise To Remain, and TX’s Larry g(EE). All interview can be found in the interview/podcasts section of the site.

After finish the barrage of interviews, I did some stage rushing for photos of bands like We Are The Ocean, Of Mice & Men, The Used and Taking Back Sunday. After my 3 song set was up in the photo pit I stayed for the full set of TBS which was a great way to end the day for Warped Tour (Of Course there were a few more bands left to play afterwards), at the end of the last song Adam swung his mic (His mic swinging abilities are unbelievably amazing) and it got caught in the overhead spotlights, watching the stage hands try to get it down was amusing, but I left after 5 mins after TBS got off stage. I then left and hung around an hour or so in the tour bus area, which I found some other media personnel hanging about getting photos, I politely asked Jeph if I could get a photo of him and the rest of the band, he said sure when they finish the interview they had with another media outlet, I waited an hour and 15 mins at least and Bert came out after the cameramen and interviewers left out of the tour bus, I asked him if I could finally get a quick shot, and he said sure. You can check the photo gallery here:https://thealtbeast.wordpress.com/2012/07/16/crowd-shots-burt-the-used/

So that pretty much ends my day at Warped Tour, I also would like to add Bethany Watson, the Warped Tour press manager did an excellent job with getting interviews for everyone! I’ll put up the photo this week that I took with her! Thanks Beth, and the whole Warped Tour crew!


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