One thought on “Bad Case Of Big Mouth (Warped Tour) photo gallery

  1. […] Now that Warped Tour is over and you’re already waiting to hear who’s on next year’s lineup, let’s take a look back at the Warped Tour hitting the NJ area, most specifically Holmdel, NJ at the PNC Banks Art Center, which was moved from being hosted at Oceanport’s Monmouth Park Racetrack which held the tour for 2 years(2010,2011). I have to admit I loved the Racetrack venue for Warped Tour, it was open but not drastically spaced out that would make you feel like you’re running on a racetrack. So when I heard Warped Tour was making a switch to the PNC Arts Center I was basically a little worried, but then the day arrived and it was actually better than what I was expecting, parking was better than that of the Oceanport venue, and walking to the gate was as well. So when I arrived into the gates the first stage was and I caught NJ’s Bad Case Of Big Mouth playing their 2nd song, you can find photos here: […]

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