Tent City EP by Elevator Art

Tent City” EP 2011
By Elevator Art

When I first listened to “Tent City“, it kind of reminded me of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, but to be honest Elevator Art carries more of a significant upbeat and pop sound rather than staying to the lines of folksy pop.

Starting off with the first song on the album, “Good Morning“, I would consider it as a great intro song, it’s a minute and thirty-four seconds long, a wonderful pick to set the tone for the rest of the EP, the lyrics in a way speak to your soul, they are rather straight-forward, but leaves room for interpretation depending on the person listening, the song melds right into the next following song “Tent City” the name of the EP, this song has quite a bluesy 70’s esque tone to it due to the guitar weaving through the song, but it’s definitely unique, I do love the harmonica that’s mid-way through the song it fits the blues tone in the song, the lyrics are definitely up to par with their first song on the EP, the drums match perfectly with the song, the combination of the male and females voices in the song work quite well in the chorus in this song which now leads me to the third song on the EP…
Homicidal Desert” which stays on the side of a bluesy tone but with a much more grungier rock approach via the lead vocals and guitar, it’s like Lucero meets The White Stripes, it’s great, even if you were never into said genres Elevator Art makes you love them anyway, and that’s what makes a band, being able to take a person out of their comfort zone by listening to a certain kind of music played by your band, and that particular person loving your music. Now onto the song “Killing Time” which ultimately got stuck in my head after just listening to it once, especially the chorus which is extremely catchy, by far it’s my favorite song on the EP, I love the back and forth vocals between the guy(s) and girl(s) singing, and the guitar sounds like it’s singing mid-way through the song, it’s awesome, during the drumming break, it sounds like the guitar and flute/recorder is having a mini battle back and forth, I’d ask for an extended version of just that, that’s how good it is. Now for “Wind-Up Toys” slightly different from the prior songs on the EP, it has a faster more pop sound but still poses a grunge rock tone, I do in fact like the way everything comes together on this particular song, I love the drums throughout the song, including the soft bridge in the song with female vocals which builds back up to how the song started, it’s greatly arranged.
The last song on the EP titled “Lesbian Father” I love the beginning, it’s pop-like but almost has a Minus The Bear beginning to it, in other words it’s got a very mellow yet fast paced beat to it, I have to say best beginning of all the songs on the EP, this particular song most definitely sounds like they are having a blast; an awesome way to end an album to leave your audience/fans wanting more.

I have yet to see them live, but by hearing Elevator Art’s EP “Tent City“, they certainly make me want to look up their upcoming tour dates to see them play live. The band works very well together and I look forward to hearing future albums from this band, they are definitely going to be moving up in the music scene with their unique take on music, keep a listen out for them, they are definitely worth your time.


You can find and download

Elevator Art “Tent City” EP
@ http://elevatorart.bandcamp.com/album/tent-city-ep


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