And.. Here we go again.

Hey, head on over to for brand spankin’ new photos from last weeks awesome show at the FrankenSound hosted by Onyxeye Ent. Right now new photos of A Few Screws Loose & The Vigor are up, Stuedabakerbrown photos should be posted soon as well, I’m in the middle of reviewing The Vigor’s album as well as Stuedabakerbrown’s album so keep a look out for updates in the Reviews section. Also the interview with Stelladeora was put up but unfortunately the sound quality was below grand due to Youtube lowering the quality so I will post the better version up once it’s been fixed.

Also under the Features section I posted new shows incase you have’nt checked it out recently, try to make it atleast one show and support your local bands, without local bands you would’nt have the music you have today. Remember that!
The Alt Beast is still looking for Sponsors and bands to complete the “Year Of The Beast” Tour, so feel free to send bands and sponsors our way!


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