Calling all Indie Game Devs

GameBeast our Game subsidiary of Alt Beast is looking for Indie Game Dev’s upcoming and recently released games to spotlight, with previews, Concept art, reviews and interviews. We are revamping our GameBeast, it’s been a bit dead lately and we hope to change that with a more Indie feel, we’ll still be doing reviews and… Read More Calling all Indie Game Devs

The Districts’ Guacamole Covered Jailbreak

While we were at Boston for Boston Calling Music Fest, we managed to get together with the young, semi-vegetarian, somewhat dirty, but fully awesome guys of The Districts. We stood around and talked about the important things like VIP treatment, being crazy anarchists, and messed up toe nails. It’s some “guacamole mixed with Creed” goodness.… Read More The Districts’ Guacamole Covered Jailbreak

SKATERS “Deadbolt” single + video

Skater’s recently released a single off their upcoming album “Manhattan” out February 25th 2014. You can check out the single as well as the music video for their song “Deadbolt” below. SKATERS will be touring the UK/Europe starting in February-March, they will also be playing during SXSW in March and touring out of Austin… Read More SKATERS “Deadbolt” single + video